The Story of Down the Road Beer Co.

Down the Road Beer Co. is a brand-new Metro-Boston craft beer company. Our founder and Chief Brewmaster, Donovan Bailey, combines time-tested traditional European recipes with both historical and innovative brewing processes to produce fresh, flavorful, locally brewed beers you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

Our flagship product, Pukwudgie Pale Ale, is available in select stores, restaurants and drinking establishments year-round!

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The Days of the Kölsch

Spring is here—with what initially seems like a vengeance! And we’ve just released our second year-round beer, the crisp. refreshing and sessionable Rasenmäher Kölsch. Find it wherever Down the Road Beer is sold.

Check out the Legend of the hero and inspiration behind the beer, Hans Mowermann, as well as the harrowing story behind the CENSORED label. Make sure you’re sitting in a sturdy chair and drinking a Rasenmäher when you click through.

Reach for a Rasenmäher whenever the sun shines…Or you want it to.

The Trouble with TTB; A Story of a Label Denied.

The Trouble with TTB
A Story of a Label Denied.