Down the Road Beer Co. made its first official mark on the Metro Boston Craft Beer market with the launch of its signature Pukwudgie Pale Ale in April 2015. However, the company Founder and Chief Brewmaster, Donovan Bailey, began brewing beer over 20 years ago. Down the Road Beer Co. brings a uniqueness to the Craft Beer market by bucking the trend to create the next craziest innovation. Instead, we focus on crafting high quality beer, brewed locally in MA using fresh ingredients and inspired by traditional brewing techniques and styles. Drink local, and taste the difference freshness can make.


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Plans to Build a Taproom in Everett

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Introducing Our Latest Beer, the Henzelmann’s Festbier


Down The Road Beer Co. is pleased to introduce its 10th distributed beer: Henzelmann’s Festbier (6.5% ABV.) Coming mid-September just in time for the fall, this traditional German-style lager evokes the true spirit of Munich’s Oktoberfest. Pilsner, Munich and Vienna malts combine with crisp, Hallertau hops to create a beautiful golden lager that draws inspiration straight from the taps of Oktoberfest’s legendary beer halls.

The Henzelmann’s Festbier is on tap now at select establishment and will can’s will be shipping out mid-late September!